I am so excited to announce the launch of the workshop part of my business! 

When I began to use resin back in 2005, there was no youtube (or at least we all had ridiculous monthly download limits and weren’t going to be watching long videos out of turn to get in the way of our illegal downloading of music and movies) to teach me how to do stuff. There was also nowhere that stocked resin – I had just read about it and bought 500ml from someone in the USA at an inflated price along with a cocaine scoop of jade coloured mica powder and a one-time-use bangle mould. My Mum helped me figure out the ratios (hey genius, its 1:1, read things properly, etc etc) and alas, I ruined my first pieces of jewellery – a fairly expensive failure.

The bangle, however, was actually a great success. 

I am teaching casual workshops to teach others the very important things about resin – the processes that you would learn if you’ve never done it before. I am assuming everyone is a beginner and I will teach things that you don’t really find out in youtube videos — like the serious what-can-go-wrongs (fires, breathing issues, ruining your work and wasting your resin money), ways to ensure your work looks great. 

So basically, I have be rotating my classes — my first one was at Tritec Art Supplies in Yarragon, Victoria. My class made some beautiful resin coasters to take home! 

If you are interested in learning to do a beautiful resin pour, then come along to next week’s workshop in Warragul @ South Brew Cafe in Smith Street. You don’t need to bring anything except maybe an apron and your sense of whimsy! You’ll get a free coffee and a good time 🙂 ABSOLUTELY NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Tickets are available by clicking this link:

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